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October 22, 2020
November 4, 2020

Univrses leads ground-breaking Smart Parking project, funded by Vinnova and FFI

Sthlm Digital Parking, a project led by Swedish Computer Vision and Machine Learning company Univrses, aims at reinventing on-street parking coordination in the Scandinavian capital.


January 14, 2020

November 2020 marked the start of a unique parking initiative that is now taking place in Stockholm. The project, whose partners include KTH Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), The City of Stockholm and Taxi Stockholm, runs until the end of 2022. During the project, smartphones equipped with Univrses’ AI software will be deployed on the Taxi Stockholm fleet. Whilst the taxis carry out their everyday services, these smartphones can harvest a constant flow of city data that will benefit parking management for Stockholm Stad in various ways. The technology deployed will be adapted to map on-street parking availability in real time and, at the same time, enable dynamic updates of existing parking area maps.

Read Vinnova’s description of Sthlm Digital Parking:

“This project is a massive step forward”, says Jonathan Selbie, CEO at Univrses. “Sthlm Digital Parking brings together a group of fantastic organisations whose collective competence are a perfect fit for addressing this urgent need. Technological innovation is being used around the globe to address fundamental challenges in urban areas, and Stockholm is no exception”.

The funding from Vinnova and FFI (Strategic Vehicle Research and Innovation Programme) will be used to adapt the computer vision technology behind Univrses’ Smart City platform 3DAI™ City to focus on parking. Researchers at KTH will investigate the sensing power of fleets and, in particular, how best to take advantage of this under-utilised resource. The fleet in question will belong to Taxi Stockholm who will also provide data to drive the project. Stockholm Stad will act as technical expert in the parking domain. Their role will be to guide the direction of the project to ensure that outcomes solve specific problems and contribute to improving city living conditions and sustainability.

Selbie added, “We are grateful to Vinnova and FFI for acknowledging our work and for giving us the chance to make a difference in Stockholm. It is a privilege to work with our good friends at KTH, The City of Stockholm and Taxi Stockholm”

3DAI™ City – Univrses’ Smart City platform

The unique technology behind Sthlm Digital Parking is called 3DAITM City. Simply by deploying a smartphone onto a moving vehicle, large amounts of timely, relevant and actionable city data can be captured. The data is accessible to all through Univrses’ web-based dashboard. As Univrses’ team of scientists and expert engineers continue to develop The Company’s proprietary algorithms, new areas of use will be explored for 3DAITM City. The technology introduces a new paradigm in Smart City monitoring and management, and it has the potential to change urban society as we know it.

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About Univrses:

Univrses is a Stockholm-based Computer Vision and Machine Learning company. 

The technical focus is in areas like 3D Positioning, 3D Mapping, 3D Localization, Spatial Deep Learning and Sensor Fusion. Univrses has collaborated with several leading Swedish companies including Zenseact, ABB and Husqvarna. Read more at

About Taxi Stockholm:

Taxi Stockholm is Stockholm’s largest (and oldest!)  taxi company with approximately 1600 cars and 4500 drivers. The company operates throughout the entire Stockholm region. Taxi Stockholm is also one of the greenest fleet operators; out of 1600 cars, 95% are defined as “green” vehicles and the majority of them run on biofuel. Read more at

About The City of Stockholm

The City of Stockholm (Stockholms Stad) is, by far, the largest municipality in Sweden. The organization is responsible for facilitating everyday life for close to 1 million inhabitants. 40 000 employees within 300 different occupations deliver services ranging from sanitation and road works to healthcare and climate action. Read more at

About KTH

KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm is one of Europe’s leading technical and engineering universities. It is the largest technical research and learning institution in Sweden, and it is the home to students, researchers and faculty from all corners of the world dedicated to advancing knowledge. Read more at

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