Our team consists of a strong mix of expert scientists and engineers.
They are all proficient in multiple areas, but also have extensive
domain expertise within a specific field.
Computer Vision
Traditional 3D optimization problems

SW Optimization
Embedded development, SIMD, GPU and FPGA
Machine Learning
Deep learning and other AI technologies

Mechatronics, Control and Path planning
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As a client to Univrses, you are an integral part in the development process.
Most of our service projects are going through three phases.

In this interactive phase, we strive together to clearly define the problems and iron out a plan of how to address them. During the workshop, we
develop an extensive strategy for rest of the project.


When it’s relevant to prove one or more assumptions before implemen-
tation, we offer our clients to develop a Proof of concept (PoC) to
validate the strategy.


The implementation phase is where we actually build the high-quality,
customized system.

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Univrses is humbled and proud to be working with so many great companies!


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december 24, 2018

Zenuity satsar vidare med svenska ai-startupen

Zenuity ska ge Volvobilar kapacitet att bli självkörande, vilket kräver massor av bildanalys. Nu förlängs avtalet med ai-startupen Univrses. För att Volvo Cars ska ha en […]
december 6, 2018

11 emerging AI companies invited to MobilityXlab

The Swedish automotive industry has acknowledged Univrses technologies and skills in perception, mapping and localization by selecting Univrses to be part of MobilityXlab. Several new collaboration projects […]
november 20, 2018

We just signed a purchase order with ABB.

Thank you SynerLeap for the great collaboration setup! You are the best!
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