3DAI™ City

Urbanisation has been accelerating. Demands on city resources are growing out of control as vehicles, people and countless construction works have to coexist in the ever-expanding city area. There is a need to do more with less and the key to that is data.

3DAI™ Engine

Univrses is developing a suite of products to solve complex real-world problems in Computer Vision. They have been developed by our team of expert scientists and engineers. We call this the 3DAI™ Engine.


Follow the latest news from Univrses and the latest research in computer vision and machine learning

Our new research paper has been accepted at SURF 2022! SURF is a leading global Symposium with the main objective of improving the quality of pavement surface characteristics and - by extension - pave the way (!) for a new generation of mobility needs.

The research team, consisting of Sergio Caccamo, Rafael Mrden and Amit Dekel, investigated how
the choice of vehicle influences a data harvesting effort. They did this by comparing large numbers of harvested road damage data and coverage patterns from a variety of fleets, in a variety of European cities. Their results will be presented at SURF, in Milan, Italy, on September 13th, at 11:30 - 13:30.

The full paper, “Analysis of Road Damage with Computer Vision Based Drive-By system”, will be published later in the fall. Stay tuned!

Read more about SURF 2022! >> surf2022.org

Halfway through 2022, and we’ve had 6 intense but rewarding months. 

We have deployed 3DAI™ City in several new countries and we’re lucky enough to have been invited to events around the world to tell people about what we are doing. We want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has made this journey possible so far.

An enormous thank you to all of our innovative and invaluable partners and clients who trust our technologies to help make their leap into the future. Thanks also to every single member of the team here at Univrses for their dedication and perseverance, and for making the impossible real. Finally, we want to thank You – you who follow and support our journey and who believe in what we are doing. It’s you who we seek to inspire with our work to enable better cities for us all.

The last half of 2022 awaits and we are happy and humbled that you’re here to experience it all with us. Happy summer!

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Ha en fantastisk Midsommar! ☀️🌸🌱🍓 ...

Univrses’ first ever soapbox car race was dramatic until the end. All participating teams fought well and managed to build fully functional, very non-autonomous and non-data harvesting racing vehicles on short notice. It is still debatable whether all teams had read the same rule book, but we’re not here to point fingers...

Do you want to join Team Univrses and take part in our future team-building activities? Check out our open positions and apply today! >> https://career.univrses.com

Univrses had the great privilege of representing Swedish tech and innovation at @businesssweden’s Join Sweden Summit 2022. Our CEO Jonathan Selbie participated in a panel discussion on stage in which he spoke about how smart technologies, like 3DAI™ City, are contributing to the ongoing global road safety revolution.

The "Join Sweden" Summit 2022 is a high-level conference inviting Swedish and global stakeholders to explore Sweden’s competitiveness and industry strengths. Their mission is to promote strategic, direct foreign investments and expansion in Sweden. Many thanks to Business Sweden (and in particular, Camilla Lood and Martin Jonsson) for inviting us to discuss this important topic.

Read more >> https://invitepeople.com/public/pages/52997

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H22 City Expo is in full swing! Don’t forget to come by Space to Innovate (at Sundstorget in central Helsingborg) to learn about the ground-breaking data-gathering initiative that we run together with NSR and Helsingborgs stad. You will find us here until H22 ends on July 3rd.

See you in Helsingborg!

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Univrses' Johanna Thorn and Andreas Hall from Helsingborgs Stad presented our mutual work on stage at the H22 City Expo earlier today.

Did you miss it? Then make sure to stop by the live demo of 3DAI™ City that will continue throughout the conference!

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Besöker du H22 idag? Missa inte demonstrationen av vårt datainsamlingssystem 3DAI™ City - i Cityområdet, Helsingborg, kl 14:00!

Efter demon kommer Johanna att hålla en presentation där hon går in närmare på hur tekniken fungerar och hur systemet just nu revolutionerar datainsamling i alltfler städer och länder världen över.

Läs mer på >> https://www.h22cityexpo.se/program/hang-med-univrses-pa-livedemo-i-city. Ses kl 14!

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