A successful project requires transparency and
close collaboration

At Univrses, our clients are always invited to be an integral part of the development process. During our projects, we work methodically using agile principles and strive to deliver high quality both within research and development. Univrses consists of roughly 50% PhDs but the company is not just a research lab; it is also a capable partner for developing embedded solutions that are deployed in the real world. Univrses’ 3DAI Engine consists of software components that deliver specific capability. Solutions based on these components reduce development time and project cost for our clients.

To facilitate the collaboration and to better understand the client needs, we offer all of our clients four service phases: Workshop, Proof of Concept, Implementation and Maintenance.


Most of Univrses’ collaborations begin with a two-day workshop. In this interactive phase, we work together to clearly define the problems and develop a broad plan for how to address them. We will be clear about how Univrses’ expertise can be deployed in your specific case. Where possible, Univrses’ 3DAI Engine, or specific components from the Engine, will be considered so the client is not charged for “reinventing the wheel”. The results of the workshop give the client the opportunity to decide whether they want to proceed with a Proof of Concept Phase or go straight to the Implementation Phase. Our workshops have always been highly appreciated by our clients.

Collaboration Strategy
Mutual understanding of opportunities
Clear indication of costs
Definition of relevant Univrses’ 3DAI Engine components
Definition of Proof of Concept
Goals and plans towards implementation

Proof of Concept (PoC)

During this Phase, Univrses will produce a basic system that validates the approach developed in the Workshop. With this PoC system, assumptions can be tested and ideas explored. Univrses gets the opportunity to show how our technology can be implemented in practice, not just in theory. The client gets the opportunity to verify the system’s practical potential before Implementation. The PoC is usually a very appreciated Phase since its aim is to help the client understand what is possible and the value that can be delivered. If the PoC provides sufficient proof that both technical and financial targets can be met, an Implementation Phase will be initiated.

Core assumptions proven
Technical doubts reduced
Definition and Plan for Implementation Phase
Costs for Implementation Phase clearly defined and understood
Goals outlined for Maintenance Phase


The Implementation Phase is when Univrses builds the customized solution adapted to meet the client’s need. Univrses is a software-focused company but we also have extensive knowledge within sensors and computational hardware. As such, solutions are developed from a complete system perspective. We assume our technology will be in production for long periods of time and so we deliver software that adheres to high standards for safety and quality.

Univrses has developed its 3DAI Engine software based on experience gained within the automotive sector. This is an industry where there are strict requirements for a high degree of repeatability, testability and overall quality. As such, basing an Implementation on 3DAI Engine components will ensure similar standards. However, even if the Implementation is not based on 3DAI Engine components, our experience and internal processes will ensure high quality solutions are developed.

Implementation plan executed
Optimized algorithms and code
Robust and accurate solution
Solution prepared for deployment/production
Clear definition of Maintenance Phase


Univrses offers all clients Maintenance services once the Implementation is live. This Phase serves to enhance the performance of deployed 3DAI Engine components, add advanced features and address issues arising. We adapt and modify the Implementation so it is compatible with changes in the technical environment. We also carry out preventive maintenance, identifying and eliminating potential vulnerabilities that could occur.

Bug fixing
Optimized 3DAI components
Enhanced features
Error detection and correction
Preventive maintenance
"The collaboration between developers from Zenuity and Univrses has worked very well, and we have extended our contract for another 2 years and with an even bigger team"
Dennis Nobelius, CEO Zenuity

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