A successful project requires
transparency and
close collaboration.

At Univrses, our clients are always invited to be an integral part of the development during the entire process. Throughout our projects, we work methodically with agile development and deliver high quality both within research and development. Univrses consists of roughly 50% PhDs but the company is not just a research lab but a potent partner in both research and embedded development. To facilitate the collaboration, we offer all of our clients three different service phases: Workshop, Proof of Concept and Implementation.


Most of Univrses’ collaborations begin with a two-day workshop. In this interactive phase, we strive together to clearly define the problems and iron out a plan of how to address them. After clearly defining the problems and opportunities, we agree on how Univrses’ technology and expertise could be applied in the specific case. During the workshop, we develop a strategy, that will serve as the foundation for the rest of the collaboration. The results of the workshop gives the client the opportunity to decide whether they want to proceed with a Proof of Concept or start an implementation project. Our workshops have always been highly appreciated by our clients.

Collaboration Strategy
Mutual understanding of opportunities
Clear indication of costs
Definition of technologies to apply and how
Definition of Proof of Concept
Goals and plans towards implementation


When it’s relevant to prove one or more assumptions before implementation, we offer our clients to develop a Proof of concept (PoC) to validate the strategy. By showing how our technology and solutions can be implemented in practice and not just in theory, the client can verify its practical potential. The PoC is usually a very appreciated phase since it aims to help the client decide how to progress and potentially realize the implementation. If the PoC proves the initial outset of financial and technical targets, an implementation project will be designed and planned.

Proves Core Assumptions
Removal of technical doubts
Agreement on financial terms for implementation
Definition of Implementation phase
Goals and plans towards Maintenance


The implementation phase is where we actually build the high-quality, customized system. Our solutions are usually supposed to be in production for a long period of time and we deliver solutions with very high requirements on safety and quality. Univrses is working with projects within automotive, which is an industry that requires a high degree of repeatability, testability and overall quality. This is an experience that has contributed to our internal processes that generate high quality solutions also in other industries. Univrses is a software focused company that also has an extensive knowledge within hardware sensors and computational hardware.

Implementation strategy executed
Optimized algorithms and code
Robust and accurate solution
Solution put into production
Definition of Maintenance phase