Our Commitment to Privacy

This privacy policy describes Univrses’ processing of Public Environment Personal Data (”PEPD”). This is data that we may capture in connection with the development of our Computer Vision and Machine Learning software.

Univrses develops Computer Vision and Machine Learning software. Our software processes images from cameras in order to detect and map features in the environment. Applications include autonomous vehicles and mapping urban situations to help manage infrastructure in cities. The development of our software involves the collection of data from various public situations. As a side-effect, the data collected may come to include film footage and images of individuals being present in the public environment where the data collection takes place. It may also include license plates on vehicles. This type of data is called Public Environment Personal Data – or PEPD.

We value privacy. A core aspect of Univrses’ operations is how we handle PEPD in a safe and lawful way. We are well aware of the importance of privacy with regards to the data we have access to. We process personal data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, including GDPR.

We work actively with anonymization. Univrses will not attempt to identify any PEPD appearing in our data collection. The Company will take action to anonymize PEPD by using automated software that, for example, blurs faces and license plates beyond reasonable recognition. 

We carefully control how we process the data. To the extent that any PEPD is processed, Univrses will not process PEPD longer than necessary for the purpose of the development of its software. We will sort out and erase PEPD on a regular basis. 

We gladly answer your questions. Reach out to info@univrses.com if you would like to know more and we will get back to you shortly!