Master Thesis Project: Open Application

Zenuity satsar vidare med svenska ai-startupen
december 24, 2018
Computer Vision Engineer
februari 4, 2019

Autonomous systems are changing how industries operate and societies evolve. The demand for 3D perception and mapping technologies, as well as tools enabling higher cognition, has never been higher. Univrses is a 3D Computer Vision and Machine Learning company at the very center of the current revolution in autonomous systems. The company was founded to pioneer the market for these new capabilities. We are positioning ourselves to become a major player in the future of autonomous systems.

Univrses are always looking for skilled people with different qualifications to join the team! Right now, we offer students the possibility to work on their Masters Thesis while being a part of the organization. This is a unique chance for you to work with some of the best scientists and engineers within computer vision and robotics.

At Univrses, we strive to create a fun, stimulating and professional work environment. We regularly engage in interesting projects in computer vision, deep learning and robotics. This gives you great flexibility to choose a topic of study in a field that you find interesting. Some of the opportunities that we offer are projects related to:

  • Autonomous navigation for robotic platforms
  • Distributed localization and mapping
  • Object detection and pose estimation
  • Various deep learning topics for autonomous navigation

Sound interesting?

Send an email to and tell us what you would like to work with at Univrses, and we will try to find something that suits you!

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