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Research and development in computer vision and machine learning is rapidly evolving. In this newsroom, you can read about Univrses’ activities and contribution to research, as well as the latest news from the industry.

Between May 30th and July 3rd, The southern Swedish city of Helsingborg will be the center of the world’s Smart City attention 🌟 The @h22cityexpo is the most anticipated conference this year and we are very proud to be a main partner of this historic event.

During the course of 35 days, we will carry out and participate in a number of exciting activities. Expo visitors and curious Helsingborg inhabitants will be offered a variety of opportunities to get to know Univrses and our technologies. Here are some:

- Exhibition of the Univrses/Helsingborgs Stad collaboration
- Live demo of 3DAI™ City in the city area
- Live demo of 3DAI™ City in Oceanhamnen
- H22 Talks in English (June 2nd) and Swedish (June 14th)

We will share more information about this shortly. Read more at and we will see you at H22! 🎉

/Team Univrses

Hej från Island! 👋🏼

Johanna Thorn har rest över Nordatlanten för att genomföra de allra första installationerna av 3DAI™ City i landet 🇮🇸

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We are live at Stockholm Smart City Conference & Expo and Stockholm TECH live 2022! 👋🏼 Haarika, Alfred and the rest of our team are ready for two exciting days at this year's smartest event.

Come to Univrses' stand E:01 and say hello!

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Are you excited for the Stockholm Smart City Conference & Expo and Stockholm TECH live 2022? We definitely are!

Don’t forget to swing by our exhibition of the 3DAI™ City platform at Stand E:01. Our team will be there to talk to visitors throughout the whole conference.

Make sure to also come to the Stockholm City Lounge stage – Thursday, May 12th at 12:00 – and watch our CEO Jonathan Selbie’s presentation on how our technologies contribute to the Smart City revolution.

There are still tickets left. Secure yours day and we’ll see you tomorrow! >>

Our team in Stockholm is expanding! We are now looking for an experienced Engineering Manager to lead some of our teams of engineers and scientists.

At Univrses, we are working to bring about change. To the cities we live in and to the ways we move around in those cities. This is a unique opportunity to work with some of the most exciting AI technologies out there.

Do you have what it takes?

Read more and apply to Univrses today! >>

We will be exhibiting at Stockholm Smart City Conference & Expo and Stockholm TECH Live 2022!

On May 11-12th, Kistamässan in Stockholm will host some of the most innovative companies and minds within smart cities and the future of advanced tech. We are very proud that Univrses is amongst the companies invited to both of these great events.

Come and have a chat with our team at booth E:01, and make sure to watch our CEO Jonathan Selbie’s presentation on stage, May 12th. More details to follow.

Secure your tickets and we’ll see you in three weeks! >>

/Team Univrses

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On April 21st, we will attend the NordicWay 3 Project Conference in Gothenburg! If you are attending - watch out for the live demonstration of 3DAI™ City!

The NordicWay 3 initiative looks to facilitate sharing of roadside information between different stakeholders: vehicles, cities and road transport authorities. 3DAI City offers a unique way to gather and share such data in a cost-effective and scalable way. Since 2021, the system has been used within the project by @stockholms.stad and @trafikverket, to monitor road sign status. The data from 3DAI City enables (amongst other things!) immediate and efficient road sign maintenance resulting in substantial savings, in terms of both time and money, for cities, municipalities and road transport authorities.

Stay tuned for more information about the conference!

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Touchdown Zürich! 🇨🇭 Sergio, Johanna and Alfred are enjoying a well-deserved 🍰

The roll out of 3DAI™ City in Switzerland continues. Bern ✅ Zürich ✅ - Who's next?

Ciao from Turin and VTM! ✌🏼

Are you at the conference? Then come by the Swedish Pavilion, Stand 8-11, in the Innovation hall and speak to Sergio and Alessandro!

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Den 26:e april bjuder Univrses in till ett webbinarium om AI-teknologi och den nya tidens insamling av realtidsdata i städer.

Behovet av relevant data ökar i takt med att våra städer växer. Pålitliga dataflöden, om bl.a. vägar, trafik och människor, blir allt mer avgörande komponenter i framväxandet av det säkra och hållbara samhället samt inom modern stadsutveckling i stort.

Idag väljer allt fler kommuner i Sverige att satsa på nya lösningar för datainsamling. Under webbinariet kommer vi att tala om varför alla kommuner borde göra detsamma.

* AI-teknologi och stadens "digitala tvilling"
* Snabbväxande behov av användbar och pålitlig data i kommuner
* Gamla, dyra metoder och varför de bör bytas ut snarast
* Möjligheten för kommuner att få tillgång till mer och bättre data samtidigt som de reducerar sina utsläpp
* Univrses plattform 3DAI™ City, och de svenska städer där tekniken används idag

Vi ses via Hopin den 26:e april!
/Team Univrses

We are changing road damage detection. Want to know how? Visit

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When we first conceived of 3DAI™ City, it was the Sthlm Virtual City project that enabled our first tangible steps forward. The visionary folk at Drive Sweden were among the first to believe in us. Now that 3DAI™ City is a reality, we are proud to have been invited back to tell the story and present our results at their Lunch & Learn on March 23rd! 💪🏼

Thanks to Drive Sweden for the invitation and for continuing to enable the thriving Swedish mobility ecosystem. Thanks also to @stockholms.stad and @taxistockholm for making the Sthlm Virtual City project possible.

The Lunch & Learn will be held online, in Swedish, on March 23rd between 12:00 and 13:00. Secure your ticket and we will see you there! >>ösningarförensmartareinfrastruktur///invite?utm_campaign=event_invitation&utm_source=email&utm_medium=email

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We are proud to announce that Univrses is among the few companies selected to represent Nordic mobility innovation and sustainability at the Bifrost Program in Silicon Valley 🎉

The objective of the Bifrost program is to connect the best Nordic companies with the Silicon Valley ecosystem. Throughout the week, we will be meeting with cities, transport authorities, companies and other interested organisations to demonstrate how 3DAI™ City is changing urban infrastructure management.

Thanks to Business Sweden and Nordic Innovation House Silicon Valley for inviting us to participate in this great initiative! ⭐️

#bifrostsummit #univrses #3daicity #nordicinnovationhousesiliconvalley #businesssweden #nordicinnovationhouse

For the past 2 years, we have been a proud member of the Road Data Lab. This RISE-led initiative was set up to explore how data relevant to city and mobility management can be shared to facilitate innovation.

One key outcome of this project has been to understand how to strike the balance between increased data sharing, and secure and regulated processing of sensitive and personal data. Using the learnings from the project, we are now continuing to share data with our project partners and exploring new sharing opportunities - all for the common good!

Thanks to our partners at @aisweden, Thomas Olsson at @risesweden, @lunduniversity , and @zenseact for enabling this important project. Thanks also to Vinnova for your belief in this project.

#roaddatalab #univrses #aisweden #lunduniversity #chalmersindustriteknik

The Edge AnnotationZ Challenge is in full swing, and we are happy to contribute to the team of judges.

Throughout the contest, Univrses’ Computer Vision Scientists Ernesto Nunes and Johan Ekekrantz, along with other judges, will determine the winner of 50 000 SEK, and the chance for further collaboration with @zenseact

Good luck to every team participating!

Edge AnnotationZ Challenge is organized by @aisweden , together with Univrses, Zenseact, @risesweden, @lunduniversity School of Economics and Management and Industriteknik, in collaboration with @cgit_ab and @mobilityxlab

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As we get going in 2022, we wanted to take a brief moment to look back at 2021. The progress is pleasing - and it was a fun year. But we have only just begun. Stay tuned for some exciting updates in the coming weeks and months.

Thanks for following our journey!

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