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Research and development in computer vision and machine learning is rapidly evolving. In this newsroom, you can read about Univrses’ activities and contribution to research, as well as the latest news from the industry.

The world is experiencing a mobility revolution, and we are proud to be in the midst of it. Univrses is now part of AI Driven Mobility, a science program coordinated by our good friends Drive Sweden and @aisweden . The idea of the initiative is to rally the AI forces of Sweden to solve societal challenges and strengthen Swedish industry’s competitiveness.

This is an exciting and important step towards the sustainable mobility of tomorrow. We are glad to be on board!

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Say hi to our new Front End intern, Imen Grab. Imen is an agricultural engineer and animal production specialist who, 3 years ago, decided to change career path. Having studied programming for the last couple of years, she will now take the next step in her new career as she will help develop our new administration system.

Welcome to the team, Imen!

2020 has been a year of progress for Univrses. Although we have mostly been working from home, we have welcomed many new employees to the company. Our amazing team has continued to break new technological ground, and we have won some fine prizes for the work that we have done during the year.

Thanks to our great partners and customers for your invaluable support and trust. Thanks also to YOU who follows our journey in one way or another. Exciting times lie ahead, and we are glad you're with us.

Happy New Year!

Stay safe and take care of yourself and your loved ones during the holidays. Merry Christmas to you all.

Just like last year and the year before, we're picking a fight with childhood cancer this Christmas. Univrses donates money for every employee to The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund (@barncancerfonden)🎅🎄🎁

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Collaboration between corporations and start-ups is an important key to foster technological innovation. This is something that our friends at SWII (Swiss-Swedish Innovation Initiative) have realized, and we are glad that they have chosen to invite Univrses to another one of their matchmaking events. The theme for tomorrow’s gathering is ‘Sustainable & Holistic Industries & Societies – Big Data, IoT, AI & XR’.

We hope to see you there!
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It’s official! We are proud to announce that Univrses is moving on to the next level in Smart City monitoring. Sthlm Digital Parking is a new project that we will run together with our great friends at @kthuniversity, @stockholms.stad and @taxistockholm until October 2022. During this period, new features will be added to the 3DAI™ City platform to make parking more efficient in the Swedish capital.

Thanks to Vinnova and FFI for funding this exciting project, and for continuously supporting technological innovation in Sweden.

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Don’t forget to sign up for @aisweden Partner Week, Dec 1-3. Our Deep Learning Engineer Pier Luigi Dovesi will be among the speakers attending Tech Day, Wednesday December 2nd. Pier will present some tech insights and vision regarding 3DAI™ City and talk about Univrses’ latest Deep Learning research and publications.

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We are happy to have been invited to talk at @urbanictarena Partner Spotlight session, December 8. Geertje de Lange will present 3DAI™ City and give some insight into how our work contributes to making urban society smarter.

Are you also a partner at Urban ICT Arena? Sign up here to listen to Geertje and speakers from @kthuniversity and Zero Parallax, on Dec 8 from 9:00am! >>

Sweden Innovation Days 2020 is only one day away! On Wednesday, Univrses’ CEO Jonathan Selbie will share the stage with @Martin Olausson from @abbsverige / @synerleap to talk about the successful collaboration between the companies. Register to watch ours and many more talks Nov 17-19 >>

Thanks to our friends at Ignite Sweden, AI Sweden, SISP – Swedish Incubators & Science Parks, Swedish Energy Agency and Vinnova for organizing this important event!

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We are glad to welcome yet another great addition to our team in Stockholm. Meet Jules Simon - new Computer Vision Engineer at Univrses! Jules’ area of expertise is scene description in urban contexts, and as a member of our Calibration team, he will work on subjects relating to self-driving vehicles.

Welcome to Univrses, Jules!

Univrses is expanding, and we are looking for exceptional talent to join our team in Stockholm. Are you interested in learning more about the work that we do, and about our open positions? Visit!

Do you study data science or electrical engineering? Sign up for @linkdagarna 2020 and listen to our Computer Vision Engineer Magnus Selins virtual lunch lecture about Univrses on Nov 19th. Thanks to @linkopings_universitet for arranging!

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We are happy to announce that Jonathan Selbie, CEO at Univrses, will be one of the speakers at this year’s digital H22 Summit. On Wednesday, November 4th at 9:30am, Jonathan will talk about Univrses' 3DAI™ City solution and how it is set to play a leading role in the development of the cities of tomorrow.

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In a world where travel is restricted, 3DAI™ City is still able to cross borders. Last week, Univrses’ Computer Vision Scientist Alessandro Pieropan was invited to present our new Smart City platform at the Italian web conference “Il Futuro Inizia Oggi” (The Future Starts Today). We are grateful for this great opportunity and for the overwhelmingly good feedback we’ve received.

Thanks to for the arrangements and to AD Consulting for making this happen!

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City of Stockholm is the largest municipality in Sweden. The organization is responsible for facilitating everyday life for close to 1 million inhabitants. Thanks to the efforts of the City of Stockholm, Stockholm is already considered one of the smartest cities in Europe. In 2020, it will take another big leap in this direction by joining Univrses and Taxi Stockholm to carry out an exciting new Smart City project, Sthlm Virtual City. The objective of this initiative is to use Univrses' world-class computer vision technology to provide the municipality with timely, relevant and actionable data that can facilitate city management and make deployment of resources more efficient.

Thanks to our friends at the City of Stockholm ( @stockholms.stad ) for joining us on this new initiative!

#univrses #stockholmsstad #sthlmvirtualcity #3daicity #drivesweden

Meet Geertje ”Gigi” de Lange, new Business Analyst at Univrses! Gigi has a background within sustainable urban planning and design. In her new role, she is working with sales, marketing and customer engagement activities related to the 3DAI™ City.

Welcome to the team Gigi!

We are happy to announce another great addition to Team Univrses. This time, we welcome Computer Vision Scientist Saeed Gholami Shahbandi. Saeed specializes in Mobile Robotics and Autonomy, and has previously worked on various Autonomous Driving and Data Science projects for different organizations. As a member of our team, he will be working with visual perception for smart mobility solutions.

Welcome on board, Saeed!

As the need to reduce human contact has evolved due to the pandemic, the demand for technologies that enable high-quality automation and autonomy has skyrocketed. Fortunately for the world, some of the key technologies that enable robust autonomy have been mastered. At Univrses, we are experts in perception - a fundamental part of any autonomous system. One technology that is crucial for perception is multisensor fusion.

You can now learn more about this field from Univrses’ Computer Vision Scientist Ernesto Nunes! >>

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Meet SharedStreets, a California-based open source software company and new friend of Univrses. This nonprofit organization has developed a nonproprietary, global linear referencing system that connects information about streets across jurisdictions, companies and governments - making transport data easier to use and understand. In August, a new collaboration including SharedStreets, Drive Sweden and Univrses was set in motion. The aim of the initiative is to make data gathering more efficient, and we do this by combining Univrses’ computer vision and machine learning technologies with the seamless open source infrastructure and methods provided by our colleagues at SharedStreets.

Thanks for shaping a smarter future with us!

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We are happy to introduce Johanna Thorn, new Product Manager at Univrses! Johanna has extensive experience working with GIS data within Smart City initiatives. Before joining our team, she was a Project Manager for the Traffic Administration at @stockholms.stad . As it happens, Johanna’s work paved the way for Univrses to begin working with Stockholm Stad as part of the Sthlm Virtual City project, together with @taxistockholm earlier this year.

In her new role, Johanna will be responsible for the development of Univrses' Smart City product 3DAI™ City.

Welcome to the team, Johanna!

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