Univrses is a founding partner of the new National AI Centre

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February 5, 2019
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March 12, 2019

AI Innovation of Sweden, Lindholmen Science Park.

When AI Innovation of Sweden first opened its doors at Lindholmen Science Park last week, Univrses was announced as a cofounder of the initiative. The company’s CEO, Ricky Helgesson, expects a bright future for Swedish AI-related development and for the new AI centre.
  • “It’s a very exciting initiative that comes at just the right time. Swedish AI-related research is acclaimed all over the world. The pace of development is rapid – and it is accelerating! Through AI Innovation of Sweden, developers can cooperate to help lift Artificial Intelligence to ever higher levels in Sweden. This is extremely positive. I look forward to seeing Univrses take part in a number of exciting collaborations in the weeks and months ahead!” says Helgesson

Rally the resources

The main purpose behind AI Innovation of Sweden is to gather domestic AI-research talent and focus them towards the common goal of strengthening Sweden’s long-term global competitiveness. The founders of the centre call it a “national and neutral investment with the ambition to work as an engine in the Swedish AI ecosystem.” More than 40 organizations and companies from both the private and public sectors, as well as research institutions and academia, have joined the initiative. The Swedish Minister for Energy and Digital Development, Anders Ygeman, visited the opening. He said that AI Innovation of Sweden will play an important role in making Sweden the best country at realising the potential of AI and digitization in general.

AI for everyone

Univrses, a Computer Vision and AI company, will lead the initiative for increased Swedish presence on the international AI scene. The company’s interests are not just commercial; there is a deeper intent. Ricky Helgesson believes that:

  • AI has the potential to change the world. This change can be positive or it can be negative depending on how it is used and whether or not there is benefit to society in general. By educating people around the world, the chances increase that AI will not just be a tool that is controlled by the privileged few but instead something that benefits all human-kind.

Univrses is proud to be a partner of AI Innovation of Sweden and is a major supporter of their work to deliver a competitive Swedish AI industry and to enhance the welfare of Swedish society!

For more information, you can reach Univrses at https://univrses.com/contact/