3DAI™ City

Urbanisation has been accelerating. Demands on city resources are growing out of control as vehicles, people and countless construction works have to coexist in the ever-expanding city area. There is a need to do more with less and the key to that is data.

3DAI™ Engine

Univrses is developing a suite of products to solve complex real-world problems in Computer Vision. They have been developed by our team of expert scientists and engineers. We call this the 3DAI™ Engine.


Follow the latest news from Univrses and the latest research in computer vision and machine learning

Meet Piotr Usc, our latest team member. Piotr recently moved to Stockholm to join Univrses as our new C++ Software Engineer. With an extensive background in software development and mathematics, he will strengthen our work on calibration for self-driving cars. We are very excited to have him on board!

Welcome to the team, Piotr!

Since early 2021, Master Thesis student Pernilla Wikström has conducted her research at Univrses. She has been working on methods for improving the sensor fusion and positioning abilities of an autonomous vehicle by using Deep Learning. The method makes it possible to extract information directly from raw IMU data (using DL), which enables a robust and safe system while, at the same time, making the vehicle less dependent on expensive sensors.

Truly impressive work!

Pernilla was supervised by Univrses' Computer Vision Scientist Ernesto Nunes and Computer Vision Engineers Srihaarika Vijjappu and Sylvain Potuaud.

We have the privilege of welcoming to our team Seged Meless. For the past 13 years, Seged has worked as a Geotechnical Engineer, designing the foundations for various civil engineering projects including bridges, dams, wind farms, airports and roads. In his new role at Univrses, he is responsible for data capture, annotation and annotation management. This ensures our Deep Learning teams have a well-stocked data pipeline to work with.

Welcome to the team, Seged!

Meet Josh Quigley, new C++ Software Engineer at Univrses. Josh moved around the globe from Australia to join us in Stockholm, and carried with him 15 years of quantitative research and development experience in his luggage. After many years in the finance sector, he is now looking forward to bringing his expertise to the fields of Computer Vision and autonomous driving as he becomes a part of our Abracalibra team.

Welcome to Univrses, Josh!

Univrses' 3DAI™ City platform is to be used in a massive 5G infrastructure initiative, starting this fall. The ANIARA project is coordinated by our friends at Ericsson and includes companies and universities from several European countries. For the next two years, we will be focusing on how 3DAI™ City can leverage 5G in urban areas to create cities that are smarter than ever

Do you want to learn more about ANIARA? Visit https://www.celticnext.eu/project-ai-net-aniara/ and stay tuned for further information in our channels!

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We are proud to announce that Univrses has been selected as a #Kickstarters21 partner 🎉 Kickstarter is a Swiss ecosystem innovation platform run by our friends at Kickstarter Innovation. Tech startups, cities, large corporations and universities from 20 countries join forces to work towards a better, safer and more liveable future for urban society.

Stay tuned for more information on our Kickstarter journey. Thanks to Kickstarter Innovation for choosing Univrses for this ground-breaking initiative!

We’re now strengthening Univrses by welcoming Computer Vision Scientist Gerald Bianchi. Gerald has a PhD from ETH Zürich and over a decade of experience from developing various 3D-sensing software. In his new role, he will help develop our 3DAI™ Engine as we’re introducing the next generation of autonomous driving to the world.

Welcome to the team, Gerald!

maj 24, 2018

Zenuity satsar vidare med svenska ai-startupen

Zenuity ska ge Volvobilar kapacitet att bli självkörande, vilket kräver massor av bildanalys. Nu förlängs avtalet med ai-startupen Univrses. För att Volvo Cars ska ha en […]
oktober 17, 2018

Univrses’ CEO visited KTH and spoke about current and future tech

Yesterday, our CEO, Ricky Helgesson, had a fireside chat with Erik Tällberg at KTH about autonomous vehicles and the future of AR, AI and robotics. The future is frightening and interesting. Let's make it great!
november 1, 2018

Univrses’ Alessandro Pieropan visits Robotics event

Alessandro Pieropan, Computer Vision and Machine Learning Scientist at Univrses, will be giving a talk next week at Get On Top Of ROBOTICS by THINGS in Stockholm. Sign up before it's too late!
november 20, 2018

We just signed a purchase order with ABB

We are proud to announce that Univrses now begins a collaboration with ABB. This is a great way for us to implement our technologies to solve […]
december 6, 2018

11 emerging AI companies invited to MobilityXlab

The Swedish automotive industry has acknowledged Univrses technologies and skills in perception, mapping and localization by selecting Univrses to be part of MobilityXlab. Several new collaboration projects […]
februari 5, 2019

Univrses listed as top 13 within autonomous driving in Sweden

DI Digital listing the 13 most prominent Swedish companies in autonomous driving. We are very happy to be on the same list as many nice partners and other companies, such as Veoneer, Zenuity, Smart Eye, Mapillary, Einride and CEVT AB.
februari 8, 2019

Univrses is a founding partner of the new National AI Centre

When AI Innovation of Sweden first opened its doors at Lindholmen Science Park last week, Univrses was announced as a cofounder of the initiative. The company’s CEO, Ricky Helgesson, […]
mars 12, 2019

Miquel Martí, Industrial PhD candidate at Univrses, speaks at Machine Learning event tonight!

Get on top of Machine Learning tonight, 18:00, at The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm! Come watch Univrses' Miquel Martí and others speak on stage. It's free!
mars 25, 2019

Univrses visited Synerleap’s Dragon’s Den

Univrses' CEO, Ricky Helgesson, sharing our experience from a year with SynerLeap and giving tips to this year's competitors for the annual Dragon's Den event.