3DAI™ City

Urbanisation has been accelerating. Demands on city resources are growing out of control as vehicles, people and countless construction works have to coexist in the ever-expanding city area. There is a need to do more with less and the key to that is data.

3DAI™ Engine

Univrses is developing a suite of products to solve complex real-world problems in Computer Vision. They have been developed by our team of expert scientists and engineers. We call this the 3DAI™ Engine.


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In Stockholm, there are approximately 4 times as many road signs as there are inhabitants. Discovering damaged signs in this vast network can be both difficult, time consuming and costly. Yet, it’s crucial for the successful functioning of the city. Stockholm needs continuously updated maps to maintain their road signs, and that is where we come in.

At Univrses, 3DAI™ City is being developed to collect recent road sign data. In 2021, Univrses will deploy this capability as part of the Nordic Way 3 initiative. Together with our friends at @trafikverket and @stockholms.stad , we will carry out road sign analysis in the Swedish capital. Our objective is to make road sign maintenance more efficient - and our roads more secure.

Stay tuned for more information about this!

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We are happy to welcome Yann Pourcenoux to the Univrses team! Yann joins as a Deep Learning Engineer who will focus on developing the 3DAI™ City platform. Yann has studied Signal and Image Processing at Grenoble INP Phelma in France and Machine Learning/Deep Learning at KTH in Stockholm. He carries with him two master’s degrees and a keen interest in object detection and image segmentation.

Welcome to Univrses, Yann!

Say hello to Univrses’ newest reinforcement and team member, Matin Aghdam! Matin has joined us as front-end developer, a field that he has over a decade of experience from. In his new role, he works on visualization of the 3DAI™ City dashboard, making the data that the platform provides more accessible to customers.

Welcome to Univrses, Matin!

We are happy that our team of Computer Vision Scientists is growing! Today, we welcome Joonatan Mänttäri to Univrses. Joonatan has a Master’s degree in Robotics, a PhD in Autonomous Driving and has previously worked as a developer and technical lead for companies like ABB and Prevas. He is now joining our team to help develop the world’s best technology for autonomous systems.

Welcome to Univrses, Joonatan!

Meet Catharina Sundgren who has recently joined Univrses as Engineering Manager. Catharina has a distinguished background developing software products in technically advanced domains. She has previously worked with software for radiotherapy treatment, healthcare statistics and "edge" AI applications. At Univrses, she is managing several teams, supporting their development and helping them to maintain a good workflow. She is also supporting product development of our Smart City platform 3DAI™ City.

Welcome to the team, Catharina!

We have the great privilege of welcoming Computer Vision Scientist Maheen Rashid to our team. Maheen has a PhD from the University of California Davis and has previously conducted research on the use of Computer Vision in animal care and for medical purposes. In her new role, she will help develop Smart City technologies that will change urban society as we know it.

Welcome to Univrses, Maheen!

We are hiring! Univrses is expanding, and we are now looking for talented people to join our team in Stockholm. If you want to work with great colleagues in an international and innovative work environment, while developing high-end technologies that will change society as we know it, you have come to the right place.

Read more about our open positions and apply today! >> https://univrses.com/career/

Exciting news! During the spring of 2021, 3DAI™ City will be deployed in the City of Zürich, Switzerland. The aim of this deployment is to gather data that will enhance our understanding of the city - and at the same time, providing useful insights for our project partner Taxi 444.

Thanks to Taxi444 for taking this huge step together with us - for Zürich and for city development in general.

december 4, 2019


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