Univrses and the Swedish Transport Administration join forces in game-changing road management initiative
March 22, 2023

The City of Stockholm: Pioneering a New Era in Road Maintenance

The City of Stockholm is setting a new standard in road maintenance as they partner with Univrses, a cutting-edge computer vision and AI company. Univrses' AI-driven system, 3DAI™ City, is to be used by the municipality to revolutionize the way road maintenance is carried out in the city. Ultimately, the goal is to optimize resource allocation, reduce maintenance costs and contribute to safer, higher-quality roads in the Swedish capital.


Stockholm’s Infrastructure Challenges

Like many metropolitan areas, Stockholm faces a complex set of challenges in maintaining its extensive road infrastructure. As a growing city, Stockholm’s vast network of roads, constantly subjected to wear and tear, sees increased traffic and use. This places an even greater demand for consistent service to ensure both safety and efficiency for its expanding population of residents. Traditional maintenance methods, while reliable, struggle to keep pace with the accelerating rate of road deterioration intensified by the city’s growth. This has led to an increasing need for a more proactive, precise, and technologically advanced solution.

Anna Wenman, Head of Road Maintenance, at the City of Stockholm says:

Stockholm’s road network is a dynamic, ever-evolving system. This calls for an intelligent approach to how we prioritize maintenance, always with the goal of extracting the highest value from every taxpayer krona. Our collaboration with Univrses has spanned several years during which we’ve observed the evolution of their 3DAI™ City solution and its data collection capacities. Now, we’re stepping up this collaboration, aiming to pioneer new, efficient methods that leverage data for making better-informed decisions about maintenance prioritization. This is about shaping a future where data-driven decisions lead to optimal resource allocation, fostering a better Stockholm for all.

Introducing Univrses’ 3DAI™ City

Univrses offers a solution to Stockholm’s challenges with its innovative 3DAI™ City technology. This AI-driven system is engineered to gather and analyze road condition data in real-time, presenting a progressive approach to road maintenance. The implementation process in Stockholm is planned in two main stages. Initially, data will be collected for a comprehensive baseline assessment, followed by the formulation of a strategic maintenance plan based on the collected data.

Phase 1: Data Collection for Baseline Assessment

The initial phase of the project involves deploying 3DAI™ City to gather detailed data on Stockholm’s current road conditions. The system uses advanced AI algorithms to identify and assess various forms of road damage. The phase is crucial, as it provides an extensive map of the road network’s condition, spotlighting areas needing immediate attention as well as those requiring routine maintenance.

Phase 2: Formulating a Strategic Maintenance Plan

Following the data collection, the second phase includes creating a targeted maintenance program. The goal is to optimize resource allocation by focusing on the areas identified as high-priority during the baseline assessment. By adopting a data-driven maintenance strategy, the city not only stands to reduce costs but also significantly improve the lifespan and quality of its roads.

Jonathan Selbie, CEO of Univrses, shares his thoughts on the collaboration with The City of Stockholm:

This initiative truly highlights the transformative potential of AI in urban development. With 3DAI™ City, we’re directly addressing real-world road maintenance challenges in Stockholm, paving the way for proactive infrastructure management. We aim to align our technology with the vision of innovative cities, such as Stockholm, that strive for a safer, more efficient future. I believe that this shared goal is what makes collaborations like this so meaningful. We’re proud to be part of the development and excited for the positive impact our technology can bring to our hometown of Stockholm, and to cities globally.

Looking Ahead: Predicted Outcomes and Potential Applications

The partnership between Stockholm City and Univrses has the potential to significantly transform the city’s road maintenance practices. The successful implementation of the 3DAI™ City project could lead to its wider adoption, expanding its use for detecting a broader range of infrastructure issues and integrating it into the city’s data systems. Future applications of the technology might include ranking and comparing road damages, predicting future road conditions, and optimizing surface treatments. The initiative is a testament to The City of Stockholm’s commitment to incorporate innovative technology into public services, highlighting the city’s focus on future improvements.

Data Processing and Privacy

During the project, Univrses will follow the Swedish Camera Surveillance Act and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This means they will collect and handle data carefully, following strict rules for data protection and privacy, and thereby maintaining the trust of Stockholm’s residents.

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