Univrses is launching smart city platform 3DAI™ City
October 22, 2020
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October 26, 2020

Taxi Stockholm

Taxi Stockholm is the largest taxi company in the capital region of Sweden. The organization dates all the way back to 1899 - which also makes it Stockholm’s oldest taxi company.


1600 cars operate in and around the city. The Taxi Stockholm fleet carries out as many as 22,000 journeys in the region every day. Apart from being one of the most renowned taxi distributors in Sweden, the Company is also at the vanguard of sustainable mobility. They strive for reduced emissions and increased use of renewable fuels to make Stockholm a cleaner city.

One of Taxi Stockholm’s objectives is to increase the availability of their services to customers whilst maintaining the fleet size. They also want to ensure vacant taxis are positioned near to prospective customers to reduce the time to respond to a request. However, it is a significant challenge to identify, in near real time, where these prospective customers might be.

Taxi Stockholm’s collaboration with Univrses began in early 2020. Univrses deployed smartphones equipped with Univrses’ computer vision algorithms to the Taxi Stockholm fleet. As the taxis operate in the streets of the Swedish capital, Univrses’ 3DAI™ City delivers a constant flow of real-time data. This data can help Taxi Stockholm to update and improve their services in real-time.

Taxi Stockholm is planning to use 3DAI™ City to locate unusual gatherings of people, in close to real time, around the city. With this information, taxis can be deployed so as to increase their availability whilst reducing the time to respond to requests. Over time, this data can also be used to analyse the Taxi Stockholm’s fleet in relation to what is currently happening in the city. The movement of taxis can be measured and correlated with people, congestion and pollution in order to reduce emissions, journey times and cost. The data can be used to understand how to deliver the best service to customers.

Andrej Smailagic, CSO at Taxi Stockholm, reflected on Univrses’ technology:

“Taxi Stockholm wants to harness the power of advanced technology to deliver a premium service for our customers whilst responding to the needs of the city. 3DAI™ City gives us the insights we need to do this. Based on early impressions, we believe that 3DAI™ City can help us become the most efficient taxi company in Europe and beyond.

As the taxi fleet continues to harvest the capital for smart city data, more areas of use for the 3DAI™ City will be explored along the way. The plan is to roll out the system more widely and focus on additional features that can help to make Taxi Stockholm better and Stockholm smarter.