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The autonomous future is coming closer. Univrses is built around the idea that a technical revolution is underway. Automation and autonomy will change the way industries operate and societies develop. We address the technological challenges and contribute to this transition every day. And we are always looking for skilled people to join our team.


Univrses is growing. Today, our team consists of highly professional, hard-working and friendly people with 12 different nationalities and many different qualifications. We are confident that diversity strengthens the organization and the people working in it. Univrses strives for a positive, creative and open work environment. We value both professional and personal development, and focus on team efforts rather than on individual accomplishments. Working at Univrses has many perks. Apart from working in an amazing team with highly advanced technologies, the company offers you many generous employee benefits


  • Bright and spacious offices in the center of Södermalm, Stockholm
  • Diverse, friendly and highly professional team
  • Weekly lectures on various topics
  • Many social activities
  • Monday breakfast
  • Lunch & Learn Thursday
  • After Work Friday
  • Ping-pong table
  • Wellness grant
  • Flexible work hours
  • Massage
  • Occasional working from home
  • Free fruit every day of the week
  • Amazing Colleagues


Working at Univrses means working with advanced technologies like 3D Computer Vision and Machine Learning. As our technologies have matured, the company has continued to expand rapidly. Today, tech companies around the globe regularly contact us to solve their toughest problems in 3D Computer Vision and Machine Learning. We take the time to conduct our own research to stay updated with the latest technologies to ensure the products and services we offer to clients are state-of-the-art. We collaborate with some of the best universities in Europe and regularly host a number of PhDs. Univrses will never stand in the way of an employee trying to reach his or her full potential so as our co-worker, you get to travel the world to visit conferences, and you will always be provided with the equipment that you need to be the best professional version of yourself.


  • State-of-the-art computer vision and machine learning development
  • Visits to conferences to stay technologically updated
  • The best work equipment possible for your projects
  • Amazing Colleagues
  • Cutting edge research and development


Univrses’ vision is to make the world more autonomous. We are in the middle of a fourth industrial revolution, as robots and automation play increasingly important roles in people's everyday life. However, in areas like mining, construction and other industrial fields there are still many dangerous and repetitive tasks done by humans. Most of these tasks can and will eventually be fully automated using technologies such as computer vision and AI. As automation technologies develop industries and societies will change completely. Univrses is proud to provide the world with technologies to speed up this transformation. As a company, we are very aware of the current global climate crisis, and we act accordingly. Most of what we buy is ecological and locally produced, and our communication is all digital. If you share our will of creating a sustainable future for our planet and for the people in it, you have come to the right place!


  • Ground breaking technologies to automate and transform the world
  • Amazing Colleagues
  • Climate-smart company, office and co-workers


We are always looking for positive and skilled people to join our team in Stockholm.
If you want to contribute to Univrses’ work, we regularly announce interesting open positions.


Are you interested in joining Univrses, but you can’t find an open position that suits your area of expertise?
No worries! Send a spontaneous application and tell us about yourself
and how you will be an asset for our future work.