Univrses is a 3D computer vision
and machine learning company,
based in Sweden.

We work at the very center of the current automation revolution as we create and deliver unique technologies and solutions to speed up the transition into an automated world.

We are rapidly growing. Since the start in 2015, Univrses have developed into a renowned company with clients all over the world and around 30 employees. We are now working with professional services , as well as conducting our own research and product development. Our team currently expands with roughly one employee a month.

Univrses’ connections with academia are strong. We have recurrent collaborations with top universities in Europe, as we regularly host a number PhD candidates and industrial or academic PhD students. We stay technologically updated by reading a lot of research papers and we regularly visit academic conferences.

At Univrses, we are creating a corporate culture driven by creativity, passion for technology and science, and belief in the future. We strive for a positive, diverse and welcoming work environment. A workplace where every employee’s potential is fully utilized and where everyone has the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. This is combined with our strong will to create technology that can change the course of the world. We are proud to take part in the fight for a sustainable future for our planet and for the people living here.