Road Transport Authorities

Insights on infrastructure and mobility, enabling efficient and cost-effective road maintenance and planning.


Damaged roads cause large problems


In the US alone, potholes cost $6.4 billion to taxpayers every year. While that number sinks in, let us also acknowledge the fact that approximately ⅓ of all traffic fatalities involve poor road conditions. Crumbling infrastructure affects crucial aspects of society, especially in urban areas. It costs a fortune every year, it poses a threat to both vehicles and people, and it is a major drag to efficiency when it comes to both mobility and transportation. As urbanization increases, so do these issues.

Road transport authorities report that improving existing infrastructure is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to improve mobility. For an increasingly congested society to succeed, authorities must increase their knowledge of the road network. They must understand where the biggest challenges lie and what actions should be taken to ease congestion, reduce pollution and make urban and roadside environments safer.


3DAI™ City


Accessing real-time roadside data


3DAI™ City is a system used for roadside and urban monitoring purposes. Mobile devices equipped with Univrses’ Computer Vision software are being deployed onto vehicles operating both in and around cities. As these vehicles are given sensing capabilities, they harvest the environments in which they are operating for relevant urban and roadside data. A constant stream of actionable and anonymous real-time data is accessed, without the use of special vehicles or equipment. Authorities can keep track of traffic density, road damage, construction works and more. All they need is a smartphone.

3DAI™ City clients get access to a dashboard where the gathered data is presented. Since new data is coming in continuously, the knowledge of the monitored environment increases and updates constantly. This enables the road transport authority to immediately deploy resources - with maximum efficiency and minimal disruption - where they are most needed. Actions can be taken to ease congestion, reduce pollution and to make urban and roadside environments safer. There is no need to manually investigate the road network as decisions can be made simply based on the data that is available through the dashboard.


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Univrses follows international regulations regarding data protection. The 3DAI™ City system is designed to ensure people’s privacy in every situation that it is being used. We do not aim to gather personal data. Any personal data inadvertently captured in images, such as faces and license plates, is removed automatically.

For more information, see Univrses Privacy Policy.