Cities & Municipalities

Data acquisition for smarter mobility, better road maintenance and more efficient urban planning


Cities face immense challenges


Cities today are growing dramatically as people seek out employment, education, entertainment and social interaction. This creates challenges. Increased traffic leads to overused roads; this, in turn, creates delay, frustration and economic loss. Insufficient maintenance creates poor road environments; this, in turn, leads to environmental damage, accidents and loss of life. As urbanization accelerates, so does the intensity of these issues.

City governments bear ultimate responsibility for this situation. They are expected to provide a clean and safe environment whilst, at the same time, securing efficient and sustainable transport infrastructure. Increasingly, they must do this whilst balancing a compressed budget. As the demands on city officials intensifies, there is a need to do more with less. To deploy scarce resources in the city where they are most needed.

This is where technological innovation and data can help. A new system has been developed that can help City governments deliver a step change in performance to businesses and citizens who live and work in the city.


3DAI™ City


Accessing real-time urban data


3DAI™ City is a Computer Vision platform used for city monitoring purposes. Mobile phones equipped with Univrses’ software are being deployed onto vehicles operating in a city. As these vehicles carry out their everyday services, they harvest the urban area for data. Traffic density, road damage and ongoing construction works are some of the features that the system reports on.

Municipalities that use 3DAI™ City get access to a constant stream of data about their city. The data is presented on a dashboard, in real time, enabling immediate resource deployment and more efficient urban planning. Managers can make data-driven decisions. Contractors can focus their work on where it is most needed. Resources can be deployed in a timely and orderly fashion, with maximum efficiency and minimal disruption. Over time, the evolution of the city can be measured, correlated and predicted. Congestion can be eased, pollution can be reduced and accidents can be prevented.


Read about the deployment of 3DAI™ for The City of Stockholm



Univrses follows international regulations regarding data protection. The 3DAI™ City system is designed to ensure people’s privacy in every situation that it is being used. We do not aim to gather personal data. Any personal data inadvertently captured in images, such as faces and license plates, is removed automatically.

For more information, see Univrses Privacy Policy.