3D Object Tracking
On the right side of the video, the 3D model of the object is rendered, the green overlay shows the rendered object superimposed on the real target. The framework runs real time on an Nvidia TX1.

3D Object Tracking of planar object This video shows the detection and 6 degrees of freedom pose tracking of a known object based on its 3D model. The system works real time and requires a simple monocular camera. The system is compatible with ROS and can be used for any application related to object detection and tracking.

2D Object Tracking
This video shows 2D tracking of an object using a monocular camera. The object position is determined by the bounding box around the target.

3D Object Learning & Tracking
This video shows tracking of an unknown object using a Kinect device. The object model is not known beforehand but it is built real time while the target is being tracked.