Univrses® has developed a SLAM-based, inside-out, embedded Positional Tracking software that can be configured to run on any hardware with one or more cameras, an accelerometer and a gyroscope.

Walk around freely in a virtual showroom or engage in a magic duel. Use your discarded mobile phone, the one with the broken front, as a 3D-controller.

Invite a friend and share a multiuser virtual reality experience. Look around you with real sense of body and direction. Univrses®puts the reality into VR and AR.

Current VD Mobile VR Issues

There are several issues with mobile VR today:
 If the player is moving in VR but not in reality, a lot of people get motion sick.
 There’s no way for the player to provide input to the game.
 You can’t see your body.

 The VR world drifts during your VR session. So suddenly, forwards is to your left, so you rotate your chair. Soon, forwards has drifted to your right.
 And most of all, stand up and move your head or try to walk away and nothing happens.

Gear VR Positional Tracking
Univrses® Inside-Out, Slam Software running directly in a Samsung Gear VR, recorded using Oculus' Gear VR video recording function. When Unity asks for a pose, our system replies with an updated pose within 2 milliseconds.

Positional Tracking for Gear VR #1
Univrses® brings positional tracking to Samsung Gear VR. This video shows the camera trajectory while the headset is being moved around. The camera is used in conjunction with IMU information to create a smooth camera movement.

Positional Tracking for Gear VR #2
This video shows the end user experience of the tracking. The video is recorded using MirrorOp, which adds latency and stuttering that is not present för the user. The camera is used in conjunction with IMU information to create a smooth camera movement. Luckily, the IMU information in a Gear VR headset has very low latency and decent quality, as can be seen in the regular orientational tracking. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates.