Embedded Computer Vision and
Machine Learning Technologies

Video: Highly Accurate Visual Odometry
No Loop Closure
Demonstrated on Kitti
Developed with Zenuity

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Univrses is an embedded computer vision and machine learning company delivering ground breaking solutions to global clients with needs in computer vision and artificial intelligence. Our team is targeting Autonomy, Robotics, Drones, Surveillance and AR/VR in several industries with unique and high performing technology that is transforming industries at the core.

The need for companies to invest in non-core areas is greater than ever before, and this includes innovating across a wide spectrum of technologies. The pace at which technology is evolving creates a situation in which seemingly healthy businesses can be outrun in just a few years from more progressive challengers. At the heart of these transformational technology trends lies computer vision and artificial intelligence. Univrses is working with applied research and embedded development in several industries, enabling our clients to leverage the opportunities of intelligent application of visual sensor data.