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Autonomous Driving Research in Stockholm

Zenuity has contracted Univrses to deliver computer vision and artificial intelligence for autonomous driving.

Stockholm-based company Univrses signs contract with Volvo’s and Autoliv’s new company, Zenuity, a software systems developer for autonomous driving. Univrses will provide solutions within AI and computer vision.

– We are proud and excited to work with Zenuity and assist them in their aim to take the lead within systems and software for autonomous driving. This is a project that we are very committed to, and where we see a great opportunity to contribute to the development in this cutting-edge field, says Ricky Helgesson, CEO at Univrses.

Univrses offers solutions in computer vision and AI, e.g. thorough positioning for AR and VR. Univrses’ technologies for positioning, object detection, object tracking, object classification etc. are hardware agnostic and well optimized, making them attractive in a lot of scenarios.

– We also have ongoing discussions with companies in industries such as construction, transportation, robotics and drones. Together with our contract with Zenuity, this means that we will need to increase our staff of scientists and engineers with both more teams and more specialists, says Ricky Helgesson.

Univrses is a Swedish company elected one of the top-33 most interesting new tech startups in 2016, by financial magazines Ny Teknik and Affärsvärlden. The company is also an alumnus member of SUP46, a startup hub for digital enterprises, based in Stockholm.

Zenuity is a joint venture between Volvo Cars and Autoliv, working with development of software for ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) and AD, autonomous driving.

Ricky Helgesson, Co-Founder and CEO

For more information from Univrses, please contact:
Ricky Helgesson, CEO Univrses
E-mail: ricky.helgesson@univrses.com
Phone: +46 760 18 21 70

For more information from Zenuity, please contact:
Catarina Falkenström
E-mail: catarina.falkenstrom@zenuity.com
Phone: +46 733 33 11 94